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We are happy to inform of the publication of issue 46 of Etsi, including two
main articles.
The first article, by Anne-Marie Serfaty, is dedicated to the "Yahas Fez", a
remarquable manuscript written by Rabbi Avner-Israel Hasserfaty, great-grand
father of the author, devoted to the history of the Jews of Fez (Morocco),
including numerous rabbinical genealogies.
The second article, by Laurence Abensur-Hazan, is devoted to the Franchetti
family, who lived in Italy, Tunisia and the Ottoman Empire. Like the
Camondos in Turkey and in France, the family of the barons Franchetti had a
major role in safeguarding the Italian artistic heritage. Several family
members were art amateurs and acquired during the 19th century Venetian
palaces, such as the Cavalli palace, or the Ca d'Oro.

Etsi will stop its publication after the next issue, with 47 issues
published over 11 years.
We have explored many fields of Sephardi Genealogy as can appear in the
general table of contents available on request. Each previous issue remains
We wish to thank all the subscribers who made the publication of Etsi
possible over these years.
We of course remain present in the field of Sephardi genealogy and will
inform regularly Jewishgenners of any new source or information available.

Laurence Abensur-Hazan & Philip Abensur (Paris, France)

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