JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Was there a standard Polish passport in 1922? #general

Mark Jacobson

Hi Alberto,

Anyone living in Galicia was a citizen of the nation of Poland in 1922 and was
required to have a Polish passport for travel. Both my maternal grandparents
immigrated >from Poland to the United Staes in 1922 and I have both their passports.
Both are identical. It is a printed booklet, 13CM tall, 10CM wide with a kind of
gold colored cover with the words DOWOD OSOBISTY, a large Polish eagle in the
center with the letters RP on either side of the eagle. Inside are pages where two
photographs of the person were affixed, a physical description and information on
age and birthplace, along with visas for any country they were travelling through
to get to their destination obtained >from those consulates and tax stamps from
Poland. If you had it you would know it was a passport. Loose papers like letters
with seals and stamps are not part of the passport, they were required travel and
identity papers >from local administrators. I have a few of these papers >from my
grandfather, one paper states he is not a criminal, another has information on his
occupation and place of birth certified >from the town, one is a copy of his birth

Mark Jacobson
Secretary, JGSPBCI
Boca Raton, FL

Alberto Guido Chester <> wrote:

I cannot find in my family's shoe box anything resembling a Polish passport. What
should I look for? A letter with seals and stamps? A booklet like modern

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