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Laurence <ltrister@...>

I can possibly give some clues as to 3 of the names.
1. Givat Brenner is certainly correct, a large kibbutz near Rehovot.
2.Teletrinsky is probably Tel Litvinsky a moshava founded in 1934. A
large part of its land was expropriated by the British Army during WW2
and then it was the Israeli Army's central base called Tel Hashomer.
3.Machneh Shivuim is a longer shot.Its possibly Mahane Shmonim, (camp
80) the main basic training camp for the Nahal Brigade. It's situated
near Pardess Hanna which is near to Hadera. Its very large and many
years old.
4. I can't help with Dr.Tzenicare.
I used to live on Givat Brenner and I trained at Mahane Shmonim so I am
familiar with them. Tel Hashomer also housed the Recruitment Bureau
(/Lishkat HaGiyus/) of the Israeli Army.

Laurence Trister

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