ViewMate translation request - Hebrew #germany

Alan Ehrlich


I've posted a short passage in Hebrew on ViewMate. It's the opening
paragraph of an article by the noted prewar genealogist Prof. Dr. David
Kaufman: "Modechai Model Oettingen and his Children".

I would be grateful for a translation of the Hebrew (only) portion of this

For information: Modechai Model Oettingen (family aka Ries(s) - Wiener -
Etingen - Schuster - Model - Ruess - etc.) was born in the mid-1500s and
died in the early 1600s in the town of Oettingen where he served as Rabbi
and also court Jew. His wife was Bona Guenzburg, daughter of Simon
Guenzburg. Notably, one branch of Model's descendants was exiled >from Vienna
in 1671 and thereupon moved to Berlin where they founded the Jewish
Community which still exists today.

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much. Alan Ehrlich Geneva, Switzerland

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