JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Interpretation of uniform in photo on Viewmate at Herzl's tomb #general

Jules Levin

... All the men in the photos are wearing a uniform...Perhaps too someone can
enlighten me as to why my father is wearing a hat while the others are wearing
caps. Does it signify anything?
I will not guess on the specific uniforms, but there was a sociological fact that
modern people may not realize--the military uniform (note especially the boots in
the pic) was often the best quality clothes that a young village youth had ever
owned. They were allowed to keep the uniform when mustered out (or of course if
they fled). This may be the simplest reason for wearing a uniform in old photos.
I remember on my first visit to the USSR in 1961 the Red Army jacket, stripped of
all insignia, was ubiquitous. Also, in the 50's I knew a WW I Russian veteran in
Los Angeles who showed me his army knickers, which he still wore on paleo digs.
The quality was incredible. As for the fedora, maybe he had lost his army cap and
had to wear something in the cemetery!
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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