JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Convoy #11 Drancy to Auschwitz July 27, 1942 #general

Debby Gincig Painter

My Grandparents, Lea Elisabeth, nee Klinger, and Benjamin Hirsch Lustig, were
deported >from Drancy on July 27, 1942 on Convoy #11 arriving in Auschwitz July 29.
According to Serge Klausfeld's book, there were 742 women and 248 men and on
arrival all were registered. The women given numbers 12340-13081; the men
53829-54076 (this equals the number Mr. Klarsfeld gives for the convoy).

I have had contact with the International Tracing Service as well as the Holocaust
Museum in Washington DC. It was been confirmed that these numbers were indeed
"issued" for this convoy but no records have ever been found for my Grandmother.
With all the new information being released lately, can someone tell if there is
somewhere else we can look for information? I currently have a request pending at
the Auschwitz Musuem.

Thank you
Debby Painter
Michigan, USA

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