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Hatte Blejer

Dear Jewish Genners,

My great great grandparents were Joseph FRANKEL (Josel / Josiel FRANKIEL) and Chava
MARGOLIS (Eva/ Chawa KALWARYJSKA). They lived in Przerosl (Suwalki), Poland.
JRI-P has records of their children, including my great grandfather, Eliasz Gersz

I know a lot about the MARGOLIS family, thanks to MARGOLIS and MYSZKOWSKY relatives
and the book The Margolis Family by Dr. Neil Rosenstein. I know almost nothing
about Joseph FRANKEL's ancestry. I started out thinking he was the son of Abraham
and Beile Dine FRANKEL of Krakow, since the birth dates would work and it would
make sense for that FRANKEL family to marry a MARGOLIS relative. However I now see
that the Josef FRANKEL of Krakow/Tarnow was probably Josef Mayer who married Neche
and had children whose names memorialized Beile Dine and several of her sons who
died as children.

About my Joseph FRANKEL, I know he was the son of Avram (ben Avram) and that his
son in Iowa, Joseph J (Judah / Judel) FRANKEL reported that his father died in
1904, at the age of 70. Neil Rosenstein gives his birthdate as 1828. His wife,
Chava, was born in 1835 in Przerosl. I also know >from Neil Rosenstein that "two of
her children married Frankel cousins".

Her son Charles married Rosa Bas Joseph FRANKEL, his cousin. Rosenstein says:
"She [Rosa] was born in New York City, daughter of Joseph and Louise. The couple
were most likely second cousins, their fathers (both Joseph) likely being first
cousins, named after the same grandfather."

Her daughter Rebecca married Leo C. FRANKEL, probably her first cousin, son of

My question is whether any of you can point me to resources to discover who Joseph
FRANKEL was. I assume he was >from a "good" family because of the type of marriages
that Chava MARGOLIS's siblings made. I believe I should first research Suwalki and
nearby Lithuania since other marriages were with families >from nearby towns in
Suwalki or Lithuania (e.g., Kalwarija, and Virbalis). I have seen the FRANKEL
family trees that are well researched on the Internet, but I don't think this
FRANKEL family is listed there, although they are likely related. I have run into
others who have FRANKEL family in Kalwarija, I just don't know where to start since
the records aren't as accessible as they were for Przerosl and other Suwalki towns.

Hatte Rubenstein Blejer
Researching FRANKEL, MARGOLIS, BRAMSON in Suwalki, Kalwarija, Peoria, and elsewhere
in the US
Researching BLEJER (BLECHER) in Southern Ukraine in Kherson and in Argentina
Researching RUBENSTEIN and REIB in Belogorodka, Ukraine

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