Re: Occupation boucher in Alsace records #germany

Victoria Barkoff

Ellen Barnett Cleary asked what the term "boucher" might have meant in
the period 1793-1882.

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The University of Chicago has a website, Dictionnaires d=E2=80=99autrefois,
with French dictionaries of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th
For the period in question, "boucher" seems to mean simply butcher.

It is defined as someone who slaughters animals and/or sells their
meat. It was also used figuratively for a cruel, bloodthirsty person,
but that certainly would not be its meaning when given as an
occupation. [One dictionary mentions "boucher" used as a verb meaning
to repair gilt work, but there is no indication that the word was ever
used as a noun to describe the occupation of glider.]

Victoria Barkoff Montreal, Canada

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