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This is just a general question about Jewish migration >from area to area no doubt
because of anti-semitism. My husband's family on his fathers side were and are
very dark olive in complexion with black curly coase hair. My daughers had oriental
stains at birth. The family mentioned that there were "rumors" that they
originally came >from Turkey or Iraq.

What would have been the migration pattern of Jews >from this area into Russia?
What would have been the time period? I doubt last names would be helpful since
his grandmother's maiden name was Mendelson and his grandfather Pollacco (Polikof)
later changed to Pollack.

Short of a time machine I doubt I will ever find out information about their
origins. I just know my husband can "pass" for just about any nationality. Our
Indian friends thought he was >from Bombay. Others have suggested Armenia, Iran,
Iraq, Turkey.

bonnie Mogelever Pollack
searching for Mohilewer, Gibberman, Pollaco, Mendelson

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