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Hello genners,

My name is Andrei Stelescu, I have 31 and I am a medical doctor. Unfortunately
only after a long period of time I have found this homepage and this Jewish forum.
I would like to thank all does who participated to create the database, because
finally I have found out what happened with my great-great grandfather.
Unfortunately my father does not speak English but based on the database I could
provide information about his grandfather. After a long period of knowing almost
nothing about our family tree, we finally found the following about my great-great
grandfather (Stelescu, Adolf, he died in 24th of March 1945) was a victim of the
Holocaust. He was unfortunately one of victims of the Dachau Concentration Camp as
I have found in the records. In the same concentration camp I have seen that
another relative of us Stelescu, Lipot (Leopold, his town of birth is Orastie,
Szaszvaros based on the actually territorial division now is belonging to Romania)
survived. I am addressing to this forum hoping that somebody can provide few
information about STELESCU, Adolf and the descendants of Stelescu Lipot or if they
are subscribed on this forum please contact me on the following email address:

I would like to thank you in advance for your help!

Shavu'a Tov! I am looking forward to hearing >from you!

Best regards,
Andrei Stelescu

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