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Dorotea Kasprus <kasprus.dorotea@...>

My name is Dorota Kasprus ,I was born in Poland in 74 . I am trying to
complete my genealogy tree . I have never heard that any of my ancesters
are Jewish but I suspect that my mothers family has some Jewish roots.
Only by looking at my grand mother pictures I can easy say that she
wasn't pure German . She was also for her entire live against the Jewish
people and they tradition . Even just without reason she was so anxious
whenever we have watched some programs on the TV about holocaust or so ...

She was born in Germany in Disburg in 1910 ,her maid surname was KAMIN ,
after the 2nd war she get marriage to German/ Polish man ,my grand father
and changed her surname to Leitgeber ,they were moved to Gdansk .

I also know that her familly came >from Polish town Kornik ,close to Pozen,
German part of the Poland before 1st WW . They surname ,my grand ,grandmother
. I am not really sure where to start my research . Please help me to find
my past . I am going to ask my mother for some more details but I might need
some help to get a bit deeper that just 3 generations ,I guess we might
find the truth in the past .

Regards Dorota Kasprus

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