Issue #128 of Genealo-J has just been published #germany

Georges Graner

Genealo-J, /publication of the Jewish Genealogical Society of France,
Issue 128, Winter 2016 - [contains 2 articles with possible German connections]

Browsing through the archives of the undertakers' company Schneeberg,
Anne-Marie Fribourg was intrigued by the announcement of the death of
Charlotte Moyse (1815-1901), successively widow of Emmanuel Dreyfus and
Isaie Alexandre. This death was accompanied by several eulogies in
newspapers, quoting her as a famous organist and harmonium player.
Fribourg was able not only to find Charlotte's ancestry, mainly >from
Alsace (Reichshoffen and Hellimer) but also to follow her brilliant
career through innumerable press excerpts during 60 years She began by
playing and teaching piano but soon specialized in the harmonium and in
an instrument called /melodium/ produced by the Alexandre factory, not
related to her second husband. She also wrote several compositions for
piano, organ or harmonium. Fribourg studied also the lives of her two
husbands, both of Alsatian origin. Isaie Alexandre was the inventor and
maker of metallic pens who were very popular and replaced goose quills.
The famous writer Alexandre Dumas was enthousiastic about them and
Rossini was unable to compose his famous mass until he was given these
excellent pens.

Avraham Malthete found the /mohelbuch/ (register of circumcisions) of
Aron Levy, who was cantor in Epinal (Vosges) and /mohel/ between 1844
and 1863. He was born in Bischheim (Alsace) in 1806 and died in Epinal
in 1864. The texts of the /mohelbuch/ are in German but written in
ashkenaze hebrew cursive. It lists 184 circumcisions giving all the
details on the child and his family. Boys concerned come >from 26
different villages and cities, mainly pertaining to the Vosges
department : 48 >from Epinal, 54 >from Remiremont, 13 >from Le Thillot, 9
from Rambervilliers. The paper provides the detailed list of all 184
circumcisions. Among them, one can find David Emile Durkheim
(1858-1917), founder of modern sociology.

George Graner

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