JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: The names Hanna,Gittel and Henie #general

Ury Link

Joan Baronberg, Sun, 21 Feb 2010 writes:
>The name Hannah Gittel has been discussed lately. Would it be accurate
to say that Gittel is the Yiddish equivalent of the Hebrew Hannah?
And is Henie another Yiddish variant of Gittel?
Thanks for your ideas.<

I can not know why you have suggested that Gittel is a equivalent in
Yiddish of the Hebrew name Hanna (Channa in Hebrew),

The are 2 different names. Gittel is dirived >from the German name
Gute and this likely as a calque of the Hebrew name Tova (mean good).

You have a lot of names that get out >from Gute like
Gutlin,Gutel,Gite,Gittel ,Gittele amd more....

Hanna or Channa is a Biblical name (Samuel 1 1:2) and it mean
gracious ( other think that it mean Clemency)

The answer of you question is No it is not a equivalent to Hanna or

Best regards

Ury Link

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