JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen The names Hannah, Gittel, and Henie #general

Martin Davis (com)

The Yiddish name Gittel is a feminine name meaning 'good'. Its Hebrew
equivalent is Tovah. In my family research I have come across the
combination of the names Hannah and Tovah on a few occasions. I am sure that
there must be a reason for this linkage but it is not apparently that they
mean the same thing; as Hannah means 'grace' or 'favoured by G-d'. Perhaps
it is that the combination of names is a double blessing? Henie is more
problematic. I have come across it used as a diminutive for the male name
Henoch but it could also be a diminutive for the Yiddish female name Hinda,
or for names such as Henrietta or Harriet.

Martin Davis - London (UK)

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