Friederika LOEWE born AHRON #germany

Mike Redel <redel.mike@...>

Dear gersigs,

I am searching for Friederika LOEWE born AHRONS. She was born 1791 and
died 12.11.1863. Ok, her stone is in Dortmund-Hoerde. But this
cemetery was opend in 1911. Therefore this could not be the original
grave. I have got the death registers >from Dortmund. There is not
entry for the year 1863 in Dortmund. No entry for LOEWE and AHRON.

A Julie LOEWE born 11.02.1838 died 23.12.1884 maybe died in Hoerde.
Julie and Friederika has the same stone

Could anyone help? I know that some stones came >from Luedinghausen
through Hoerde. Is Friederika's stone one of them?

Regards, Mike Redel - Unna - Germany

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