Visiting Weimar and Thuringia- Advice and a local guide needed #germany

Michael Appel <mappel1961@...>

I will be visiting Weimar and Thuringia in August 2017 with my family
to visit and learn a bit more about that area--my father was born in
Weimar and fled in 1938, but most of his family remained and were
killed. His family goes back a number of generations in a number of
other towns in Thuringia.

None of us speak or read German very well, so we think having someone
guide us around makes sense. Do folks have recommendations of either
people to help us with such a trip or of places to look for such help?
I visited Weimar with my parents in 1977 (then East Germany) and my
memory >from that trip is that we went to a number of small Jewish
cemeteries scattered in smaller towns. I have a fairly good list of
locations and we hope for a guide who can help us visit them with some
efficiency. If there is also someone who can add to our knowledge of
Jewish family history in Thuringia, that would be wonderful.

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Michael Appel researching APPEL >from Ortweile

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