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Steve Pickoltz

I'm looking for the ABERBACH family >from Skalat.

All of the info below came >from the manifest of the ship, SS Russia. This ship
sailed >from Hamburg and arrived in NYC on May 9, 1890.

On board was the ABERBACH family >from Skalat:
Aron, age 35,
Gittel, age 29,
Salomon, age 8,
Anna, age 5,
Rachel, age 6 mth.

I have not been able to find any other info on them, ie census, naturalization
death, etc. I've even tried alternate spelling of their last name, with no

Is there anyone out there that knows this family, or can help?


Steve Pickholtz
New Jersey
searching-- PICKHOLTZ (all spellings) and WINITSKY (all spellings)

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