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Dave Orens

I suspect that it is bad form to upload two documents in quick
succession, but my first request was so successful that after
cleaning up the second half of the document with Photoshop I'm
eager to see if I can repeat the success.

I've posted a portion of a polish birth registry document on
Viewmate, at - in the 'To View /
Image Gallery' section as file - 14781

The following address should take you directly there

I am grateful for the earlier assistance, but don't want to presume
that I can make any sort of direct request for further assistance,
and so I make the request again to the broader community.

In a related matter, I received a request to share the details of my
interaction with the archives in Poland and how I went about obtaining
the records. I responded directly to the person who made the inquiry,
but if there are others are similarly interested I can post the
contents of that email to the list. (the short answer is that I
followed the directions >from JRI-Poland's site and everything went
surprisingly smoothly, but I do have more information to share if
others are interested).

Thank you,
David Orens

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