JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re:Female given names in Poland #general

Ury Link

Dear genners,

The explanation to you question are:

Fajcza get out >from Fajcia and this name derived >from Feyge and
Fogel and the translation to Hebrew is a Bird, so you can perhaps said
that Fajcza is Zipora.

Kerszel,Krasel and Kruza get out >from the name Kresel .This name was
used in Germany in the medieval times and derived >from the Latin name

Lajwcia get out >from Leye and Lea

Lutka get out >from the German name Lotte that is a shortening of the
name Charlotte

Sola, I am not sure but it like that it get out >from the name Sele
that is a shortening of Selma or Zelma

Best regards

Ury Link

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