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sharon yampell

David Schreiber wrote, "I would like some advice on approaching
possible cousins. I originally wrote a detailed, two-page description..."

I agree with what everyone else has told you. I have also found it
helpful to use these mailing lists to enlist the help >from people who
lived or live where you believe your family members were or are. The
use of a site like is ideal at finding married or
maiden names and sometimes the names of children to add to your tree.
I found the name of a cousin by her maiden name to find the name of her
husband as well as found the ames of her children and if they were
married or not and if the children had children. I also find that
taking names that you know >from a younger generation who may be on your
tree qne you only know them as a name on the tree, try looking for them
on Facebook or MySpace.

Don't write a long-winded note, just send them a note showing them
where you think the connection is. For example, I always look for the
common ancestor and then write to them and show them where I fit in
and where they fit in....more than half of my friends on Facebook are
cousins. This method also works well when you find a tree or person on
either or

As a community, the genealogy one is a very loving and helpful group
(WTG everyone!!). Two weeks ago today, I receive one of the many posts
that come through my mail box on a daily basis. My eyes were immediately
drawn to a note >from a woman in England who was looking for help in the
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. I immediately responded to say I would
help her if she would help me! I gave her what little information I had
and Within 20 minutes, she responded to say she think she found something
...Ten minutes later, I got another email >from her, with a copy of a
newspaper archive >from a world-wide Jewish Newspaper that had been in
circulation since 1841. They had a section called "Inquiries for Missing
Relatives" and fifth >from the bottom was the name of my great grandfather's
first cousin who was looking for his sister, her husband and three of their
kids. On my own tree, I had the sister's first name, her husband's first
name and the first name of their first child but it did not have a married
name for her. This cousin of my great grandfather, had been raised by this
sister prior to coming to the US; their mother died in childbirth with him,
and his father died four years later...he was then raised by another sister
who was a young widow with six young children and she then sent him to this
sister in England...he came to America >from England. (finding this cousin's
family, has added more than 100 names to my tree!! I have since chatted
with some on facebook, some on yahoo, skyped with four different ones, and
spoke to one who is here in the states.

I am planning a family reunion for this part of the family for next summer
or spring, and many in England say they will come!!

Plus, be patient, what you can't find today, may be there soon...

Sharon Yampell

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