JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Minneapolis Jewish Cemeteries #general

Mike Posnick

To Tina Levine, Zev Griner, and the list:

Actually, a better strategy would be to contact Hodroff-Epstein
Funeral Chapels at 126 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
55404, telephone (612) 871-1234. Hodroff's has burial records dating
back to the 1920's for themselves and their former competitors. Its
records probably cover more than 95% of the Jewish interments in the
state of Minnesota since Jewish funeral homes were first established here.

BTW, this subject has been discussed on the list several
times. Searching the JewishGen archives will produce fast and
accurate answers for this and many other research questions.

Mike Posnick
Minneapolis, Minnesota

In his JewishGen message of Sat, 13 Mar 2010, Zev Griner
<zgriner@...> wrote:

A strategy you can take is to call local chevra kadisha or a shul
rabbi for information on how to proceed.
I am trying to find a list of Jewish Cemeteries for the greater
Minneapolis area alo,ng with phone numbers, in order to phone them
and try and locate the graves. The information I've found online
regarding Minneapolis's Jewish cemeteries is incomplete.

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