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Eric M. Bloch

Great news! We're pleased to announce the addition of 6,800 records
to the Hungarian [Jewish] Census Records 1770-1850 database.
< >.
This brings our total to 56,000 records!

The newly added data covers the following Hungarian counties and years:

Borsod 1771
Komarom 1771
Nograd 1774, 1775
Nyitra 1770, 1771
Pest-Pilis-Solt 1857 Family List for Waitzen (Vacz)
Pozsony post-1850 Family Lists >from Rabbinical Records
Saros 1771
Sopron 1771, 1772, 1774
Szatmar 1771
Vas 1771, 1774
Zemplen 1774

Other counties are currently being transcribed for the 1770-1775 period.

Unfortunately, the majority of names in the Jewish Censuses of 1770-1775
use patronymics in place of surnames. Thus, the information may be of
limited value unless you know the families you are tracing lived in a
certain town in the 18th century. One of the more interesting bits of
data in the records is whether the individual was born in the Kingdom of
Hungary, or not; and if not, how long they had resided in Hungary.

In a few cases, we have included the occupation, especially for rabbis,
cantors, and shochets. Occupation and other information about
individuals was included in the census but this was not transcribed
since it was in Latin and would have added considerable complication to
our transcription efforts. If you are successful in finding an
ancestor, we encourage you to obtain the microfilm and view the original
record yourself.

Thanks again to our transcription team for their wonderful work.

Happy hunting!

Eric M. Bloch, Coordinator
Other Hungarian Census project

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