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Shoshana Kahan <lilishoshana@...>

Is there anyone who could please help me by looking up two addresses
in the New York City street directories, 1906 and 1912? I would love
to do this myself, but living in Gush Etzion I'm not sure what my
alternatives are (if anyone has any ideas about local resources,
please let me know.) The 1st address is 104 McKibben St. Brooklyn, for
March - Oct. of 1906. (I suspect the name will be Goldstein or Cooper,
if that helps.) The 2nd address is 45 Leonard St., Brooklyn, for June
or July of 1912 (this one I'm almost certain was Cooper, and I so hope
that I can find out what his given name was.)

Many thanks in advance,

Shoshana Kahan

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