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Eva Blanket

Hi your usual and amazing collective foresights, I would like to
ask for your kind help, as I am having difficulties in finding any
information (eg. Census, Drafts, Naturalization etc.) on 2 men, possibly
twin brothers, who arrived in New York in 1901 >from a small town called
'Zugo'(later 'Hukliva'), Hungary. They were both born in 1873 and both are
married on their arrival. The only information I can find are their Ellis
Island Ship Manifests and I've included the links to these:

1. Salomon WEISZ (line 30):

2. Leiser WEISZ (line 1) :

I've tried Anglicizing their given names (but maybe haven't found the right
version eg. Solomon, Sidney, Sigmund, Lewis, Louis). Also tried using

Can anyone offer any further help as to where I could go >from here?
I've reached that 'brick wall' early on.

Many thanks,
Sydney, Australia
JewishGen ID: 105793
Searching: BLANK(I)ET: Lodz, Lask,Ujazd, Brzeziny, Tomaszow - Poland)
BLANKET: (London - England)
DAVIDOVITS/DAVIDOVICS:(Szinever,Chust-Czechoslovakia; USA+Israel)
HERMAN/N: (Nisni Verecky- Czechoslovakia; USA + Israel)
NEIMAN/NEUMAN:(Toron, Talamas, Hukliva-Czechoslovakia + Israel)
WEIS/S/Z (Talamas,Hukliva,Nisni Verecky-Czech.;USA+Israel)

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