First deportations of Jews before the Wannsee Conference #germany

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To the list of first systematic deportations before the Wannsee Konferenz I
would like to add the very first:
end 1938 "Polen-Aktion by Heydrich: 17.00 Polish Jews were deported to
Bentschen and Konitz/Pommerania;

Okt. 1939 Jews of Maehrisch-Ostrau, Vienna and Kattowice were deported to
Nisko/San (Nisko-plan for a "Jewish reservation" on the eastern border of
territories under German control);

February 1940 the Jews >from Stettin and Pommerania region were deported,
first collected in a camp at Schneidemuehl, >from there to Lublin, Piaski,
Glusk und Belzyce.

The Stettin and the Baden-Pfalz actions were initiated by the regional
Gauleiter: Febr. 1940 Gauleiter Schwede-Coburg (Stettin/Pommerania)and
October 1940 by Gauleiter Robert Wagner (Baden) and Gauleiter Josef

Renate Rosenau, Alzey, Germany <RenateRosenau@...>

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