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Alexander Sharon

Adam Teitelbaum wrote
I was recently asked to translate a Yiddish letter written on a printed bill of
sale form with a printed address " Aleja 1-go Maja 4 Lodz". I concluded the
letter was written after the war, because the first of May only became a holiday
in Poland under the Soviets - after 1945. However I was wrong because the author
of the letter was murdered in the Shoah. So perhaps someone with a knowledge
of Lodz history can explain how did a street get named for the First of May in
pre-war Poland where membership in the Communist Party was illegal?
May 1st was celebrated as The Labour Movement Holiday >from mid 19th century Lodz
streets were renamed several times during 20 century.

Year Street name
1913 Pasaz Szulca
1925 Aleja 1 Maja
1933 Aleja 1 Maja
1939-45 Scharnhorststrasse
from 1945 Aleja 1 Maja
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Alexander Sharon
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