Re: Researching a German Family in the Netherlands #germany


I have been able to trace members of my German family in the Netherlands
using some of these excellent Dutch websites and help >from Dutch researchers.
Now I am interested in some hows and whys.

My GG Aunt Minna SCHOENFELD was born in Wachenbuchen, Germany, 21 July, 1854.
She was married to Julius MUELLER, born 3 Feb 1846 in Loga,Leer,
Niedersachsen, Germany. They had 3 children, Frieda, Gustav and Johanna
all born in the 1880's in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I am interested in
the circumstances of the family's move to The Netherlands. I am
hypothesizing that it was mostly economic necessity.

Johanna MUELLER married Karl HAUSER b. 16 June 1888 in Rohrbach, Germany.
I do not know where they married. They had one child, Irene HAUSER who
was born in Mannheim, Germany, 24 Dec 1920. Irene became a war bride,
marrying Major John EBERT of Hancock, Iowa in 1946 and moving to Iowa.

My question now is how do I trace the family's movements >from the 1880s
until the birth of Irene in 1920. Why the back and forth migration? And
further, how did Irene and her parents survive the Holocaust living
during the war in Germany?

These questions probably require a larger project but I am now very curious
about the stories behind the vital records I have found of my German family
in The Netherlands.

Walter S. Elias, St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

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