Reichsvereinigung der Juden: Letter G - SITE CITE #germany


I have completed indexing all Reichsvereinigung (RJD) registration family
names beginning with the letter G. This material as well as names beginning
with the letters A-F and L (in total about 10,000 names) are available on
the Steve Morse website, Holocaust material, under the heading Jewishroof.
Further letters will be posted when (and if) I manage to complete them.

A brief note of explanation. Beginning in 1939 and continuing through
1941/42 all resident Jews, regardless of nationality or place of birth were
required to register with the RJD, which was supervised by the Gestapo.
While many sought to avoid registering, about 100,000 cards/names appear in
this collection. The information on each card varies widely, >from as little
as name, date and place of birth and residence to profession, family
members, and fate, e.g. emigration destination, report of death within
Germany or deportation. Somewhat surprisingly, less than one quarter of the
registrants were deported, with far more dying in their cities of residence.
Those interested in a more complete description of the collection and its
current use may contact me at

In the past it has been possible to provide copies of cards in response to
individual requests. At present what, I hope, are only technical problems
prevent this. For now, until full access to the cards becomes available, in
response to individual requests at, I will attempt to
supplement the information on the posted website.

Peter Lande, Washington, D.C.

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