JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Thanks to Viewmate Webmasters #general

Beth Galleto

When I first started looking at Viewmate, the generous viewers who
wanted to help would send their responses directly to the person who
posted the letters or photos, and unless they wrote to the JewishGen
list, the answers were not visible to anyone else.

A little while ago the site was changed so that everyone can see the
translations and other contributions, and I would like to express my
appreciation to the Viewmate webmasters for this new feature.
I "visit" Viewmate nearly every day, and I have often wondered if
people received answers, and what they were. Plus, an answer given to
one person may sometimes provide help to another who has a similar photo
or item.

Thank you to all who made this new sharing feature possible.
Beth Galleto
Greenbrae, CA (north of San Francisco)

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