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Dear Friends,

Yesterday, I received a stunning piece of information >from the
International Tracing Service. My uncle, Menachim Jehuda GALAS,
apparently survived the Holocaust.

Jehuda, my mother's beloved brother, was born in 1920. He was in the Lodz Ghetto;
then deported to Skarzysko-Kamienna, then Buchenwald. He stayed in Buchenwald
until April, 1945, and then was apparently deported to Terezin.

Terezin was liberated in April, 1945, but I do not know what happened to
him or others liberated >from this camp.

I have a friend looking for Menachim in Israel using Israeli phone
directories, and I wrote to the National Archives in Prague yesterday.
Of course, if Menachim Yehuda is alive, he would be 91 years old... but
perhaps he has/had children. I have checked the Yad Vashem

Do you have any suggestions as to where I could turn for more help? The
Terezin Ghetto website and other resources do not suggest what happened
to the prisoners after liberation.

Thank you for any help or suggestions you can provide.

Debbie Long

Searching for GALAS and DOBRZYNSKI of Lodz and environs
Searching for MUNK, formerly of Hungary, now in Brazil

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