JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Special agent in US Dept.of Commerce enquiry about GGGF in Romania #general

Odeda Zlotnick

On March 1919 Mr. S. D. WINDERMAN Special Agent , Bureau of Foreign and
Domestic Commerce, Dept. of Commerce Washington D.C called the Dept. of
State and as a result they sent a telegram to the American Embassy in
(Petrograd) Russia asking them about the wellbeing and whereabouts of my
maternal great great grandfather Berku ZIGLER who lived in Jassy Romana
(street address included in telegram).

1. What is a special agent in the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce
2. Why would he be inquring about my GGGF and his family (and be ready to
pay the charge of the cablegrams)
3. Why would the State Dept. cooperate in the enquiries?

He received a cablegram reply in plain (not enciphered) that the US legation
in Jassy report they are OK, but need money badly.

The name WINDERMAN is unfamiliar.

Thank you,
Odeda Zlotnick.

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