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The Family History Library in Salt Lake City has copies of the
microfilms that a vital-records searcher would be consulting in NYC.
Although I have not tried it personally I am also told with the certificate
numbers you can order the certificate via any Family History Library and
they will mail you the certificate for just a few dollars versus the mail
order fees >from the Municipal Archives.
Allan Jordan
I have used a local Family History Center in NJ. Supplied certificate
#s, etc., & ordered various microfilms at $5.50 each. They called me
when they came in & gave me 30 days to view them. At the center, they
showed me how to use their microfilm readers. Once I'd located the
certificates, I took it over to them & they made free copies for me.

Jamie Lubin
Searching for: SALTZMAN (Russia), KRIKUN (Russia), LUBRITSKY (Poland),

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