JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Were any of these grooms associated with the J. Arthur Rank Organization in the UK? #general

Howard Orenstein

Dear Genners,
I realize that this is an unusual request, but all attempts to find the name of a
BLOOM relative have failed. Below is a link for a WORD document
of marriages compiled >from United Synagogue records in the UK. The bride's
surname is BLOOM or something sounding like it. The bride for whom I search
married someone allegedly associated with the J. Arthur Rank Organization in
the UK. Does anyone recognize the name of a groom who was affiliated with
J. Arthur Rank? If so, please let me know.

The "unknown" BLOOM woman had a brother, Joseph Leib, who lived in London >from
approximately 1871 through 1883-1885). She also had a sister, Necha, who was
born, married (Moshe Nuchim ROZENBERG, in 1880), and died in Wyszków, Poland.

Howard Orenstein

Howard Orenstein, Ph.D.
Explore Your Jewish Heritage in Wyszków,Poland:
Jewish Heritage in Serock,Poland:
Searching for:
ORENSTEIN -- Serock, Wyszkow, Pultusk, Plonsk, Poland
BLUM (BLOOM) -- Wyszkow, Poland; London, England

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