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Albert Brookenthal <albert@...>

Dear JewishGen members: I have been looking for the village - shtetl - town
Hunbany, Romania for many many years. I have checked in very old Atlases' at
the Library, I have checked on the Internet, and have checked with members
at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Michigan. I found no information on
maps, on the Internet or >from any Genealogical Societies. I have received
possible locations and different names for this village, shtetl or town. The
name of this place was on my great grandfather ship manfest. Does any
JewishGen member know anything about this village-shtetl-town??? Has anybody
ever heard this village-shtetl-town name?? I am now 82 years old and after
15 years, I am slowing down on my researching. Please, with your help, I
would be greatly appreciated any information and Thank You!!!
Albert Brookenthal
Toledo, Ohio - U.S.A.

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