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Dick Plotz

I'd like to thank Yetta, Leonard, Renee, and especially Anita for
helping us solve this problem, or at least get our cousin in touch
with the Mosbach family. This has turned out to be one of those
wonderful coincidences that we live for as genealogists, so here is
a brief summary.

The original query came >from my wife's cousin Susan in Israel, a 3rd
cousin on her father's side. She had a letter >from a Dr Mosbach about
survivors >from Stettin that she had found in her father's papers. He
was not identified further, but Susan had googled Mosbach and Stettin
and found references to a Dr Erich Mosbach, who she thought was a
dentist. At that point I wrote the query that was posted on Tuesday.

Renee sent a lot more material, including the NY Times obituary of a
Dr Erich Mosbach, a neuropsychiatrist in Delaware; an obituary of
Ernest Lion, whom I had mentioned in my post and whose wife was a
cousin of Dr Mosbach; and the address and phone number of Ernest
Lion's son. We still had references to Erich Mosbach as a dentist,
and wondered whether there were two different Erich Mosbachs.

Then last night came the bolt >from the blue. My wife's 7th cousin
Anita -- on her *mother's* side -- who I'd last been in touch with
years ago wrote to say that she had just subscribed to GerSIG a few
days before, and was surprised to find a post >from a cousin she had
been in touch with...inquiring about her grandfather!

I obviously hadn't looked at that part of our family tree for some
time, because sure enough, there's Anita's mother with the maiden name
Mosbach! Now Susan and Anita are in touch, and meanwhile Susan has
made contact with Ernest Lion's son; Anita is pleased because she's
been wondering if any other Mosbachs were still alive.

And, still feeling warm and fuzzy, I have just made a contribution to
the JewishGen General Fund with thanks for making it possible for all
this to happen.

Dick Plotz Providence RI USA

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