JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Thank You and Success Story #general

Lynne Schneider

Dear Genners,
Last week I posted a question regarding the very little information
I had about my paternal great grandmother and my grandmother's sister. I
received many replies with excellent suggestions as to how I could continue
to search and I hope I did not forget to thank each Genner personally. Since
the information has been so good I felt a public thank you was in order. In
particular the assistance I received >from Zeev Sela and Shaul Sharoni has
provided me with a success story, proving that one should never give up the
This is my story: Zeev's and Shaul's efforts uncovered Pages
of Testimony given by my grandmother's sister for their brother whom no one
in the family here in the US thought lived beyond young adulthood. The POTs
confirmed that he married, had at least 2 children (one of whom also submitted
a POT for him) and provided me with his date of death, gave the names of his
parents which confirmed to me that this Pinchas is my grandmother's brother.
Also, at their suggestion I checked JGFF again for Orinin, Ukraine, and found
another researcher looking for SIPERSTEIN,contacted him and his response has
convinced me that we are family. This world can be a beautiful place.
Again, my most profound thanks to all the kind Genners who
take the time to answer posted questions and who go above and beyond to help.


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