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Hello All

I have recently recieved informationon my great-grandfather David Rakovchick
(Rakoff in USA), and it has me seeking more answers. It was always a mystery as to
how he came to America and settled in Brooklyn- NY. When my grandmother was alive
she would always say that she remembers him saying that he first went to Canada. A
few years ago I sent away to the archives of Canada to see if there was a
naturalization record for him. I did recieve a record that I was not sure was him,
for it revealed little information other then his name and birthplace of which I
already knew.

Now this new information I recieved >from the archives in Washington had to do with
his US naturalization process. Apparently in 1936 he was interrogated/interviewed,
for they could not verify who he was even though he was residing and working in
Brooklyn-NY for about 20 years. Among the questions asked of him, was how long was
he in Canada and he stated 13 years and that he was a citizen for 9 of those years.
At this point in time David who was born 1881 in Minsk is now in his 50's and some
of the questions asked of him he could not give an exact date for he could not
remember it exactly. So, when asked how he came to New York and when he only gave
estimates. He came to New York by train >from Montreal, Canada and arrived in New
York between 1914-1917. The other thing he states is that he was accompanied by
his wife Mollie, and as far as I am aware he was only married to my great-
grandmother Anna Mendelson in 1921.

So, I have a mystery here. How do I find out if there was a wife before Anna and
what happened to her. Now he states that he came with his wife Mollie about 1917,
and then 4 years late he is married to Anna. I have tried looking through the NY
death indexes but come up empty for a Mollie Rakoff. What is also a mystery is that
I have yet to find him on any 1920 census for New York, or WWI draft card. He
stated that in Russia his name was Rakovchick which I had already found out, but
that when on the boat to Canada he used the name Smul Etlach. Can anyone help me
solve these mysteries. Any and all advice is needed.

Sarah Greenberg(USA)

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