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Hello Everyone,
I've posted 5 early documents on Viewmate for translation >from Polish into English
to help develop another line of my grandfather's family in the town of Plock. The
surnames of interest are Klamra and Zarosla.

I'd appreciate, in the case of the marriages, all possible details such as ages,
all names of bride and groom and their parents (maiden names of mothers), where
born or living, occupations, etc. In addition, for the 2 death records, the
relationship of witnesses, if they are relatives, etc. In each, the dates of
registration and the actual event, as some seem to be very late registrations!

1. 1849 Akt#30
Marriage of Abraham Klamra and Golda Moscowicz
2. 1836 Akt#5
Marriage of Ryfka Zarosla and Binem Hajmowicz
3. 1840 Akt#5
Marriage of Icek Jankiel Klamra and Sora Zarosla
4. 1848 Akt#39
Death of Jenta Klamra, age 70?
5. 1848 Akt#59
Death of Abraham David Zarosla, age 8?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Mady Land, New York, NY
LANDSZNEJDER/LANDSCHNEIDER/Plock, Bodzanow, Gabin, Zychlin, New York;
FOGEL/FOGIEL/Hrubieszow, New York;LADZINSKI/LADYSINSKA/Myastowka, Ukraine, New York

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