Compact Memory included in expanded "Jewish-American Newspapers Online" collection SITE CITE #germany

Jan Meisels Allen

Ancestor Hunt updated its Historic Jewish American Newspapers Online
during March 2017.
There are both free collections and some that require a subscription
or a login >from a university library.
You may find some indexed and others not. Some of the newspapers
are not in English but in their native country language and these are
usually found in an American-based archive or museum.

In addition to the listings by state, they have links to additional
resources such as The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Wikipedia's list
of Jewish Newspapers Currently Published in the USA, The Historical Jewish
Press, and the Library of Congress on Jewish Press in America.

***The link below can also take you to Compact Memory which is a digital
collection of 118 Jewish periodicals from
*** German-speaking countries 1806-1938 ( all in German),

To access the Historic Jewish American Newspapers Online go to:

Jan Meisels Allen, Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access
Monitoring Committee

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