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Barbara Zimmer wrote on 04 jun 2010 in soc.genealogy.jewish:

Erica Henrietta (surname unknown)
Erica Henriette Sprengers

was born in The Netherlands 5 June 1924.
By 1952 she may have married Jerome Sullivan and
traveled to the US where she became a citizen in 1953 in Michigan.
"Looking for relatives of Emma D.M. van Eyk, who married Johannes Nicolaas
Sprengers. Their daughter Erica Henriette Sprengers married American,
Jerome E. Sullivan. Erica Henriette was born in the Hague on June 5, 1924,
and died in the United States. Erica and Jerome's only child is Patricia M.
Sullivan, who probably lives in the US." [22 Jul 2006 04:30:37 -0600]

Their "persoonskaart" in the Den Haag municipal office reads:

Johannes Nicolaas Sprengers [born: Den Haag, 2 Aug 1885]
married in Den Haag [The Hague] on 28 dec 1909
Emma Dorothea Maria van Eijk [born: Den Haag, 25 Dec 1887]

Johannes Nicolaas Sprengers worked in the gemeentesecretarie
[municipal office] as "eerste klerk".

Erica's elder sister was:
Emma Paulina Adrienne Sprengers [born: Den Haag, 9 Jan 1916]
Emma married in Rijswijk with Tijs Duinker [born: Den Helder, 11 Jul 1905]

Tha Sprengers family lived in Valentijnstraat 185, Den Haag till 8 Oct
1925, when they left for the nearby Rijswijk ][Corn. van Neckstraat 292].

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
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