Letters from my grandmother #germany

Peter Lobbenberg

My extended family arrived in England >from Germany at the end of 1938;
all but my maternal grandmother Lony Rabl-Fraenkel. She was >from Berlin,
but was stuck in Amsterdam, where she had just opened a cafe (the Cafe
de Paris in the Beethovenstraat) serving the expat German Jewish community.
When news reached her of my birth, just 9 months later and just days
after the start of WWII, she wrote to me immediately. And she went on
writing to me for the next three years, beautiful and moving letters,
which I only discovered on my mother's death thirty years later.

We never met: she was taken to Westerbork, then to Theresienstadt,
then to Auschwitz where she perished within two days of arrival.

I've now translated the letters, and Ronald Corp, the well known
composer, has written a piece based on them. It will have its world
premiere at the Proms at St Jude's, London NW11 at 7.45pm on 28 June.

I like to think that this will honour not only my grandmother but all
those who perished in the Holocaust, and I would warmly encourage
anyone interested to buy tickets:

[Please write to me at peterlob@peterlob.co.uk for more information about
this June 28, 2017, musical event in London. ]

Here's a link to an article about my grandmother and her letters in last
weekend's Jewish Chronicle Seder Magazine, reproduced with the JC's
kind permission. http://tinyurl.com/looxpc5


Peter Lobbenberg, London, England peterlob@peterlob.co.uk

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