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Good afternoon.

My great aunt Bronia (Bracha/Bernice) HORN >from Rohatyn (formerly, Galicia) arrived
in NY on 7/30/1955. The ship manifest lists her address of destination as ***
Dexter Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.

I know of no HORN family members in Michigan, and by 1958,I also know that Bronia
was living in NYC with her older sister Julia HORN (at the time of Julia's death).

My question to the group: is there a way to learn who was living at *** Dexter
Avenue in 1955? My speculation: perhaps a fellow Rohatyner?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and kind regards,
Marla Raucher Osborn
Palo Alto, CA

Please reply to: osborn@...

Researching surnames HORN, FRUCHTER, LIEBLING >from Rohatyn (formerly, Galicia);
SILBER >from Ulanow and Sokolow Malapolski (Poland); BLECHER >from Soroka, Bessarabia
(Moldova), BRUNSHTEIN, SARFAS/CHARFAS, and FABER >from Mohyliv Podilskyy and
Kamyanets Podilskyy (today, Ukraine), and RAUCHER/RAUSHCER >from Przemysl (Poland)

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