JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Where in the world is Glubaniec? #general

Evertjan. <exjxw.hannivoort@...>

tina levine wrote:
A possible ancestor's place of birth was listed as GLUBANIEC. Any idea where
this town might be?
I would wildly guess: Cholopenitch
Kholopenichi, Belarus
Alternate names: Kholopenichi [Rus], Cholopenitch [Yid], Cholopienicze [Pol],
Chalopienièy [Bel]

70 miles NE of Minsk 54°31' N, 28°58' E
Jewish Population in 1900: 1,343

Did you check the many possibilities of Stetlseeker?
Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
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