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A. E. Jordan

deborah.holman@... writes:
I am posting this to the group as a suggestion for
finding references that I had never thought of - local, large
university libraries.

A great resource for finding books, magazines, etc. is called It is not absolute but a good starting
place. I have found >from there you can go to the listed library's
own site or email the library to inquiry if they truly have it or not.
There is also a data source called OneSource that my local library
uses as a starting point. I have had a number of lucky situations where
I located the book I needed via WorldCat and then emailed the universities
and then gave the info to my local library. In one case they got a book
from Stamford sent to me in New York and another case a book >from Cornell.
Better yet, I got a library in Germany to scan and email me an article
(for free) and I got a museum in Sweden that looked through a large
assortment of magazines and emailed me several article scans. Sometimes
we forget that people can be very helpful if only we ask if they can assist.

I have had a lot of luck in my research (not genealogy) using Google Books
to locate citations and even Google's news archives, then going to WorldCat
and then to my local library to say can you get me this ...

Happy hunting.

Allan Jordan

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