INTRO - Seek Markus LANSKEY b Prussia 1834 birth & family records #germany

Carrielynn Apgar

Hi German Geneology Experts. My name is Carrielynn Apgar and I am beginning
my journey to uncover my family roots on my great grandmother's side
(father's mother), known in New Jersey as LANSKY or LANSKEY, originally
>from Prussia.

I previously completed a geneology project for my husband's side of the
family and was lucky to connect with a third cousin through JewishGen.
Much of my research involved locating US records >from Ancestry, European
records >from JewishGen and copies of vital records through

In my last project, locating the town of origin was relatively easy by
referencing the US Census and Immigration records.

For my search on the LANSKEY family, I am looking to locate the birth
records of Markus LANSKEY (1834-1915). I've been able to locate numerous
census records and death records in Newark, New Jersey, but am unable
to locate the German records.

All the records I've reviewed list birth place as German, sometimes
Prussia, but no town or Province. I know that Markus emigrated to the
US about 1854 but am not finding any records with the first name of
Markus or anything close. Any geneology veterans have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Carrielynn Apgar bpcl62400@...

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