JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Looking for the Town of Nuwobule in Russia #general

Alexander Sharon

Jacqueline Davis wrote
According to the Records he came >from NUWOBULE in Russia.
I have searched all the databases and no such town exists,
at least with that spelling.

Dear Jacqueline,

You are most probbaly searching for town which is known currently as
Naujalaukis, Lithuania at 5536 2435.
It previous name was Novopol' (Nowopol') and Nowopole (literally: Newfield),
hence this corrupted version of "Nuwobule".
Village is located about 2 miles distance SSE >from the large Jewish town
Raguva (ex Rogo'w or Rogova, Rogove), Vilkomir uyezd, Kovno Guberniya, and
about 25 miles distance >from Vilkomir, who BTW has been renamed to Ukmerge.

Best Regards,

Alexander Sharon
JGFF Editor

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