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sharon yampell

I agree with you Laurel!

For the longest time, I could not find my great great grandmother on any
passenger manifests. I kept thinking, how difficult is it to find someone
with the name of Ida ROSENBERG (nee HORWITZ). I looked and looked and looked
and kept coming up empty-handed. I was with almost 100% certainty she used the
last name of ROSENBERG when she arrived here. I took a chance using the last
name of RASCHES, which is what ROSENBERG was Anglicized from. Bingo, found her
and my great grandmother's half-siblings, as well as my step-great great
grandfather who came to America before his wife and children. I found her
listed as Chaje Jence RASCHES.

Don't give up!

PS my great grandmother and her sister both viewed their step-father as a
father because their own father died when they were very very young.

Sharon Yampel

Alexandrowitz(Volovitch) Wolovitz/Wolovitz,Borzna Chernigov
Distelfeld/Distenfeld, Lessing/Lessig-Dorna Vatra, Campulung


Subject: RE: Insurmountable Brick Wall?
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 19:35:03 -0700

Because there have been several recent postings about the difficulty of
finding passenger manifests, I thought I would share a couple of successes I
have had, where I thought I had hit a brick wall...

.. check as many sources as are available, in case one is indexed
correctly and the other isn't.

In another case I had been looking in vain for "Sarah Siff/Siev/Ziv." I
finally realized that the German spelling might be Siw. I still couldn't
find the name, so I wrote it down as badly as I could write it,... and
finally found it listed under Sara Sin.

... try to imagine how the record might be indexed if it was scribbled.

And of course never limit your search just because the family story, or
other records, said that they arrived in a certain port or in a specific

Laurel Singer
San Ramon, CA

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