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Sarah L Meyer

Dear Genners,
There were two letters in today's Jewish Gen digest stating that the
person needed to send a letter in another language but only spoke English.
While human translation is generally superior to machine translation, may I
suggest Google's language tools. If you go to and look at
the right of the bar, you will see language tools. Click on language tools
(it may also be available under "More"). Scroll down to where you see a box
call and a translate text. Select the to and >from languages in the drop
down box and copy the letter that you wish to send into the box, hit
translate and copy and paste the translation into your email or letter.
When you receive a reply (if it is in email) you can do the same thing, and
just reverse the languages. There are an amazing number of languages there.
If you are a native speaker or know something about the language, there is
also a button to improve the translation. >from what I know (a little bit
about some other languages) the translations are fair. So this is a place
to start.

Sarah L. Meyer

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