INTRO- Researching the name OHLHAUSEN_Wurtemmberg area. #germany

Ken Drabinsky <kenjdgen@...>

Greetings to All:

I am a new member of the GerSIG Discussion Forum who has until now
spent most of my time research my paternal line >from the
Chodecz-Przededz area of Poland (between Lodz and Wloclawek).
Recently, I have had the opportunity to be involved in research about
whether the 1820 OHLHAUSEN surname (Ferdinand OHLHAUSEN). Prussian on
documents has a Jewish connection >from the Wurtemmberg Area of Germany.

This family emigrated to a German colony near Baila Bessarabia it is
believed in the mid 1800's however there are family rumours of a
Jewish connection. One possibility is that in the 1700's or early
1800's there may have been conversions >from Judaism to Lutheran which
is actually identified in a Stammbaum Newspaper issue of 1998.

Anyone who could enlighten me on possible areas to research would be
much welcomed. In particular the Jewish cemetery databases for the
Wurtemmberg area and location of Vital documents.

Best regards, Ken Drabinsky, Calgary Alberta Canada kenjdgen@...

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