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Jim Gutterman

My aunt was born in 1930 and I believe was married late 1940s early
1950s in nyc. The nyc clerk's office will provide copies of marriage
certificates that are over 50 years old, so I'm good there, but
running into problem of not knowing of any searchable indexes to try
to pin down year and borough of marriage. I know her maiden and
married name, but not the husband's first name. No family left, trying
to trace dependents, but for first time now finding myself in time
period not sufficiently old that italiangen or similar data being
available. Appreciate any suggestions as to how where I might be able
to pin down date or at least year of marriage. Thanks in advance for
any advice.

Jim gutterman (gutterman,goodman,geller,land(e)sman,herskovitz)

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